Navigator of the Seas: Life in the Galley

Ever wondered how cruise ships chefs can create such amazing meals for thousands of people?

During a visit to Royal Caribbean International’s Navigator of the Seas, Cruise Capital were given behind-the-scenes access to the ship’s impressive multi-level galley, where we saw a dedicated team of expert chefs working hard to create the delicious meals we all get to enjoy aboard!

Cruise passengers get through a lot of food! Each week, Navigator of the Seas is loaded with 20,000 rashers of bacon, 7,000 cuts of steak, 40,000 eggs, 25,000 lbs of fresh fruit, and 14,000 lbs of potatoes. On a typical seven-night cruise, the hard working chefs freshly bake 42,000 bread rolls, serve 3,000 pizzas, and get through 10,000 litres of milk.

On our tour of the galley, Russell Henderson, the Executive Chef aboard Navigator of the Seas explained how food is prepared on such an enormous scale. We got a glimpse at the giant dishwasher, met the ‘potato man’ (yep, there’s a guy who is solely responsible for cooking potatoes!) and saw giant vats of soup and gravy bubbling away.

We then got an insight as to how Royal Caribbean International create their amazing bread. Dough is mixed in a giant bowl, before being separated into smaller sections, where it is flattened by a mechanical rolling-pin.

The dough then enters a magic machine, where it is moulded and cut into individual rolls, ready to be baked and served to diners. The whole process is quite spectacular, here’s a quick look at that process in action…

Next time you’re tucking into your cooked-to-perfection steak, or asking for a delicious freshly baked bread roll, take a second to think about the impressive challenges, skills, logistics, and teamwork that goes into providing you with all the fabulous dishes that are on offer to you on your next cruise!

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