Boudicca & Black Watch Are Heading To Turkey

After recently announcing the retirement of Boudicca and Black Watch, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines former ships are set to head to Turkey as early as next week.

In a statement, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines said: “Following the recent announcement that Black Watch and Boudicca are retired from our fleet, we can announce that both ships have now been sold and will begin a new life as accommodation vessels for a company in Turkey.

“We expect that the ships will set sail soon, with Boudicca due to leave Rosyth for the final time as early as next week, and Black Watch to follow. The crew are hard at work preparing them for their journeys and ensuring that that they are ready for their new home.”

It is not known who has purchased the ships, but it is good to know these timeless ships won’t be heading to the scrapyard like we’ve seen with so many ships over the last few months. Photos taken this week of the ships laid up in Rosyth showed the removal of Fred. Olsen branding and the iconic red funnels being painted black.

“Both Black Watch and Boudicca have served us extremely well during their time with us, and we know that their new owners will be as proud of them as we have been. We are delighted that they will stay together, and will continue to be used and loved in the future.” The statement concluded.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines recently welcomed two new ships into its fleet. Bolette will sail out of Dover and Southampton from March 2021, and Borealis will serve the north out of Liverpool from April 2021. The ships are the former Holland America Line vessels Amsterdam and Rotterdam.