Former P&O Canberra Tender Boat Capsizes

A former tender boat of P&O Cruises’ Canberra, which is now a ferry, has capsized in Essex.

The Harbour Ferry, operated by Harwich Harbour Ferry Services, capsized in the early hours of Saturday 26 September when strong winds snapped the mooring ropes.

The service which from Easter until December, transports foot passengers between Harwich Town in Essex and Felixstowe or Shotley in Suffolk – a 15-minute crossing, which would otherwise take 50 minutes by car.

The ferry broke free from its moorings at Ha’penny Pier in Harwich, and went adrift, submerging most of the boat. It is unclear whether the ferry will be able to be salvaged and repaired.

Harwich Harbour Ferry Services

The former Canberra Tender boat began operating the route in 2016, and is capable of carrying up to 58 passengers. The ferry service has been running since 1912, and has used a variety of vessels over its history.

Canberra was the flagship of the P&O Cruises fleet in service between 1961 and 1997. She was also used as a troop ship in the Falklands War. It was sold for scrap in 1998.