Marella Celebration Heads To Greece For Long Term Lay-Up

Marella Celebration
Marella Celebration by Cruise Capital

Marella Cruises former cruise ship, Marella Celebration, which was retired from service earlier than expected due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will enter long term lay-up in Greece.

The ship has anchored in Eleufsis Bay near Piraeus, a popular ship storage location, indefinitely while TUI waits for the interest of a buyer.

It joins Swan Hellenic’s Minerva which recently moved to the area from Chalkis and is another ship that has been seeking hope from a buyer.

Marella Celebration will enter a cold lay-up, which involves a complete shutdown of all systems, and a very bare skeleton crew to oversee any maintenance and security issues. The ship will remain in this state until either a buyer is found or the ship is sold for scrap.